Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in Review

Merry Christmas Friends!!

Our 2013 in summary:
Joe: Completed his Six Sigma Black Belt training. For those who don't know what that is, think: 220 hours of class to learn how to effectively lead projects using a set of tools and techniques for process improvement. (For a more entertaining explanation, visit here.) Speaking of "projects" he managed to tear out and redo the downstairs, back fence, retaining wall, and driveway this year. And we are all immensely grateful to our friends and family who helped! His least favorite memory of the year was dislocating his shoulder after our downstairs flooded.

Ginger: Started writing articles for hubpages and is loving it! She gets a huge kick out of seeing the numbers of people who are visiting her webpage each day. She has also enjoyed being part of the Servant's Team for Community Bible Study. In other news, she traveled to Michigan, California, and Oklahoma, volunteered monthly with the Red Cross, organized contests for our neighborhood association, "ran" in a few races, and made about 1,000,000 sack lunches.

Taylor (5): Started kindergarten! She also taught herself how to ride a bike without training wheels. See the video of her first day riding. She loves her piano class. And her favorite part of 2013 was getting a new little brother. Her least favorite part is going to school every day, but we are working through that :)

No help from Dad

Hudson (3): Started preschool! His favorite memory of the year was the St Louis Zoo. He occasionally still mentions that the baby elephant could fit in our car and come home with us. He loved putting lime green hand prints on the basement walls and floor after the flood. And he thinks his sister is the greatest person on the planet!

Daniel (5 months): Joined our home on July 10th. We are so thankful for a smiley and laid-back baby. After figuring out some digestive and skin issues, he seems to be doing really well. He has even blessed us with a couple of full nights of sleep :) Everyone asks how long he will be with us. The answer is: only God knows!


Fun Lists from 2013


Favorite Quotes

Taylor: I’m gonna be a witch
Hudson: NOOOO! Don’t be a witch! I don’t like that
Taylor: Well I’m gonna be one
Hudson: I’m telling Mom!
Taylor: OK. I won’t be a witch.
Hudson: You can be a witch until I tell Mom

Taylor (picking around in her fried rice): Dad, how do I get rid of all these vegetables?
Joe: you eat them

Sarah: How many of you have broken a bone?
Resident: Mine or someone else’s?

Taylor: Hudson, stop staring at me
Hudson: I’m not. I’m just looking at you for a long time

Jena (after babysitting her nephew): If hell has a smell, it can’t be worse than your son.

Hudson: Dear God, please help me not to hit my sister with that pokey stick anymore.

Taylor: Mom! What’s your name?
Ginger: My name is “mom” to you
Taylor: What’s your name to Daddy?
Ginger: Daddy calls me Ginger and sometimes he calls me Sweetie
Taylor: NO!!! That’s what he calls ME!!

2013 "Jam" Music

·      Alive - Hillsong
·      Cornerstone – Hillsong Live
·      Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
·      Firework – Katy Perry
·      Good Feeling (aka the Boom, Boom Song) – Flo Rida
·      His Cheeseburger - Veggie Tales
·      Rods and Cones (aka The Shakey Song) - Blue Man Group
·      Your Love Never Fails – Newsboys & Jesus Culture
·      Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin

Favorite Books

·      7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, Jen Hatmaker
·      Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis & Beth Clark
·      Let the Nations Be Glad, John Piper
·      Press Here, Herve Tullet
·      Just A Minute, Wes Stafford
·      Weston’s Choices, Elizabeth Paris (starring Hudson)
·      You Are Special, Max Lucado

Favorite Apps

   -Audio Tools (Joe)
   -Bethany Baptist Church (Joe & Ginger)
   -Flashlight (Ginger)
   -Montessori Crosswords (Taylor)
   -Netflix (All)
   -Olive Tree Bible (Joe & Ginger)
   -PreschoolMM (Hudson)
   -Song Pop (Joe)
   -Stage Mix (Joe)
   -Ticket to Ride (Joe & Ginger)

2013 Adventures

Chris Tomlin’s Burning Lights Tour
Michigan for birth of nephew, Micah
Aunt Dana’s wedding
California for a college friend reunion
St Louis zoo
Thanksgiving in Oklahoma
Christmas in Glen Ellyn

We have included the highlights of the past year. We had some low-lights too :) And we appreciate the support and love that so many people shared with us during those moments. God is good!